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The Honey Stick Machine Turning Your Honey Into Great Tasting Treats

Copyright 2017 John & Wayne Honey Farm LLC

Welcome to The Honey Stick Machine

Since 2006 I have been working on a way for the small beekeeper to make their own honey sticks.  Finally after much trial and error I can bring this to you for an affordable price.  For many years the honey stick has been made by only one company.  Now you can make your own and proudly say that it is your own honey that is in those sticks.  You can make small batches to fit your needs.  You can make your own flavors and colors.  But most of all you get to keep the profits.  You can make your own sticks for less than 6 cents each and sell them all for 25 cents each or more.  Adding great profits to your bottom line.

Honey Stick Machine



Make your own honey sticks and increase your profit.  Our honey stick machine is made with Food Grade Manifold making 9 sticks at one time.  You can make approximately 400 sticks an hour.  The Honey Stick Machine comes with  the Manifold with 9 Chrome plated valves, Sealer, Hot Plate, Pump, Box of 2500 Straws, Instructions and a Video explaining its operation.  Please allow 2-3 weeks for your machine to be made and shipped to you.