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The Honey Stick Machine Turning Your Honey Into Great Tasting Treats

Copyright 2012 Flewelling Enterprises

This is the 9 Valve Manifold.  It comes with 9 chrome plated brass valves installed and pump hookup.  It is made with food grade PVC and leak tested.

9 Valve Manifold


Heat Sealer for the Honey Stick Machine. Comes with 90 Day manufacturer warrantee



Replacement element kit for The Honey Stick Machine Sealer.  We recommend replacement about every 1000 to 1500 sticks.  Comes with two elements, 2 upper PTFE tape and 1 Lower PTFE tape

Element Kit


Replacement Silicone for the Honey Stick Machine.  We recommend replacement every 1000-1500 sticks.  If it is not replaced it tends to not seal the sticks as well.  You can turn it over once to extend the life and gett 2000 to 3000 sticks with one silicone strip.

Replacement Silicone


Replacement pump for the Honey Stick Machine.  Made with Food Grade PVC tubing and rubber ball pump.

Honey Pump


Need replacement parts for your Honey Stick Machine?

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These are the straws that I use and recommend.  Each box contains 2500 straws.



Our Famous manifold in a more affordable 5 valve design

5 Valve Manifold