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The Honey Stick Machine Turning Your Honey Into Great Tasting Treats

Honey Stick Machine



Make your own honey sticks and increase your profit.  Our honey stick machine is made with Food Grade Manifold making 9 sticks at one time.  You can make approximately 400 sticks an hour.  The Honey Stick Machine comes with  the Manifold with 9 Chrome plated valves, Sealer, Hot Plate, Pump, Box of 2500 Straws, Instructions and a Video explaining its operation.  Please allow 2-3 weeks for your machine to be made and shipped to you.

Welcome to the machine store.  Here you will find the Honey Stick Machine and related replacement items.  Just add them to your cart and check out through our easy PayPal portal.  The Honey Stick Machine is made to order and each one is hand made by me.  It is made with all food grade materials.

The Machine comes with a full 1 year warrantee.  If any part breaks just send it back to us for a full repair or replacement.    

The Sealer comes with a 90 day Warrantee from the manufacturer.

Replacement parts can be found here.